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What is Re-Wilding?

Re-wilding your lawn or garden allows for the restoration of ecosystems so that biodiversity is encouraged, wildlife thrives and nature is allowed take care of itself. 

This can be done by converting a lawn or garden area into a pollinator friendly meadow chock full of wild flowers with minimal input from us humans. What this means is that you get a low maintenance space filled with a plethora of plants and wildlife! 

Even the tiniest of gardens can become more biodiverse – and if we all do our bit in our own individual gardens and backyards, our joint efforts could have a massive positive effect on the natural world. Plus think of the money saved on not having to mow your lawn every week!

Advantages of Re-wilding your lawn:

  • Mow only 1-2x/ year

  • Low maintenance

  • Meadows sequester more CO2 than lawns 

  • Attract pollinators to your garden

  • Boost soil health

  • Visual interest through Spring & Summer

  • Help to keep surrounding areas cooler during the summer

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